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The truth is no matter how good your brand might look, if you are not marketing it proficiently then your time and money may be being wasted. With a proper marketing strategy, you can engage your target audience, and start generating leads to convert to sales. There are so many different ways you can go about marketing your business, and here at AGS Design, we can assist you with all of them! Keep your social accounts active and consistent, so that you stay engaged with your audience. Social media is the new “word of mouth” so why not make it easier for followers of your brand to spread the word about your business for you?

Why Choose AGS ?

We work closely with all of our clients to develop a marketing strategy that works for their brand. Our thorough process of analyzing your business, as well as your competition, will gather the necessary information we require to set you apart and make sure you get discovered by the clients you want.  We make constant changes to your marketing strategy to keep it current and efficient, all while keeping you updated with regular reports and analytics. You can see the exact results your marketing campaign is producing, and why your investment is worthwhile.

Services Include:

Social Media Management

It’s an undeniable fact that social media heavily influences trends and decision making in society. People love to be engaged with useful and relevant content. If you are posting the types of content people will want to see then you will generate a great deal of organic traffic to your brand through social media. All it takes is one great post to go viral and make your brand the next big sensation on the web. You can have your customers advertising your products or services for you by sharing your social media content with their friends and family. There is a downside however, managing all of your social media accounts can be extremely time consuming and difficult if you don’t know how social media works. To gain recognition, you will need to post content regularly on all of your accounts.

With AGS Design’s social media account management services we can schedule your posts in advance in a calendar format that is easy to read and shows you exactly when and where your content will be posted. Our team will create relevant custom posts and on-brand to promote consistency with your social presence. We will analyze your industry on social media and determine the best peak times to post your content so that it gets the most engagement possible. Plus, you can easily keep track of your social media efforts with monthly reports that track your growth.

Social Media Advertising

If you are looking to grow your social media presence then it might be worth looking into paid social media advertising. While social media account management creates content to generate organic traffic through followers sharing your content, social media advertising works differently as you market to people in AND out of your social following. So the regular social media posts you make will only be seen or shared by people who are already following your pages and their friends, but when you boost select posts with paid advertising then you can reach people outside of your social circle.

The social media specialists at AGS design can create a campaign with exciting and engaging content that will attract new followers to your pages and provide your business with more quality leads. Our strategies target only people that already show some sort of interest in your business already based on their social sharing habits and other demographics so that you get the most out of your advertising budget. We continuously monitor the campaign and make optimizations to ensure that it stays as cost-efficient and effective as possible.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads

If you’ve been looking to market your business you may have heard the term PPC (Pay Per Click) or Search & Display Ads. These are ads that show up in search results on Google, sites that utilize Google’s ad sense network, or even during youtube videos! These types of ads are great for generating immediate traffic to your site since they start to go public within a few days of you set them up. “Pay Per Click” means that you only pay for the genuine clicks your ads get and you can even set your own budget to bid against your competition. This gives you a great amount of control so that you can determine how much to invest in your ads and make them as cost-effective as they can be.  The quicker results and flexibility of these ads make them an attractive solution to those looking to market their brand.

Our marketing team can help you create a PPC advertising campaign that targets your ideal customer base and gets you the most return on your investment. We can optimize your campaign so that your budget is only spent targeting people that fit within your target demographic. We also continuously monitor your campaigns for potential changes that could benefit the campaign based on the ever-changing trends and guidelines that SEO covers. Stay up to date on your SEO analytics with our monthly reports that show you just how much our optimizations are helping your brand grow.

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Let’s Get your brand identity journey started. We are excited to show you just how much your brand can accomplish. Please fill out the contact form with some basic information about your company, your project and a good time to schedule the consultation. During the consultation be prepared to discuss your vision for your brand as well as things like your target audience, marketing strategies, web presence, etc. Our experts will work with you to develop a custom-tailored brand management solution that best fits your business’s needs. The process can be carried out via phone, video chat, email, or in-person (Tampa & St. Petersburg Only).

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