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Custom photography and videography really set your brand apart from the competition and they give your business a unique look. AGS Design is proud to offer our clients professional and high-quality photo and video services in addition to our already impressive catalog of branding services. With custom photos and videos, you get to connect on a more personal level with your audience that stock images and videos just can not produce! We always aim to make things as easy as possible and as always, these services integrate flawlessly with all other services we offer. When it all comes together you can have confidence in knowing your brand looks fantastic every step of the way.

Why Choose ?

We take quality and professionalism seriously here at AGS Design and pride ourselves on a hassle-free client experience. We are able to shoot on site or offer a location based on your needs. We use industry leading technology and equipment so you can be assured that your photos and videos are produced with the highest quality imaginable. We also are able to provide editing and even printing services. Gone are the days of having one of your in experienced employees trying to take photos on their personal phones to show off your brand or worse, to use in your marketing materials. Take your professional image seriously and inquire about a photography or videography quote now!

Services Include:

Product Photos & Videos

You always want to display your products and services in their best light and custom photos or videos are a perfect way to pull that off. High resolution photos matched with perfect lighting and editing will highlight your products best features that you worked hard to produce. The same way you wouldnt post a picture of yourself you don’t like, that same logic should apply to your products. Your customers will appreciate the effort you put into providing them with a better shopping experience through high quality imagery. Don’t leave them guessing what they are going to receive, show your customers something real and tangible through professional product photography.

Event Photos & Videos

Events are wonderful places for great memories to be created, and what better way to capture those memories than through photography or videography. You put plenty of work into hosting a great event for your company or friends and family and our photographer can make sure that hard work doesn’t go unnoticed. We can shoot on location and and make sure that all of your images are of the highest quality. We can even provide you your images in a variety of formats, whether they be digital or print. Event photos and videos can be used to give your attendees some thoughtful gifts or to show your clients that your business has a personable and relatable feel.

Professional Headshots

Having professional headshots taken really shows people that you take your image seriously. Having a high quality headshot gives you confidence because when you look good you feel good. Our photographers can frame you with the perfect lighting to bring out your best features and with our editing services, we can manipulate your photos to hide any insecurities or blemishes you may have. You can use headshots for things like portfolios, biographies, ID cards and more.

Marketing Content

Having custom content for your marketing media is great way to give yourself and edge against your competition. It has become a common place for businesses nowadays to use stock photos and videos since the initials cost is usually less than hiring a photographer or videographer. However not everything can be accomplished using stock images and for your brand to excel you need to show your viewers that you are more than some generic image that anyone can get. Set yourself apart from the pack and get custom photos and videos for your marketing content.

Lighting & Backdrop

Having a nice camera sometimes is not enough to pull off the best photoshoot. That is why AGS Design’s photographers have the latest technology and equipment to produce the highest quality images possible. From professional lighting setups to backdrops and even green screening, we have the tools necessary to pull off your photoshoot beautifully and make sure that your photos and videos turn out clear and crisp. The right equipment can make a world of a difference compared to just standard shooting. Whatever the setting is we have what it takes to shoot gorgeous high res images.

Editing Services

Editing services are the icing on the cake when it comes to photos and videos. Having professional images and footage taken is only half the battle of making your media the best it can be. Photos may need to be adjusted or manipulated to ensure they fit their needs. Videos especially need editing services since it’s unlikely you are just needing a bunch of random video clips out of order or unedited. Our multimedia designers can edit your footage professionally to ensure your videos look on point. Give your images the perfect finishing touch with professional photo and video editing services.

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Let’s Get your brand identity journey started. We are excited to show you just how much your brand can accomplish. Please fill out the contact form with some basic information about your company, your project and a good time to schedule the consultation. During the consultation be prepared to discuss your vision for your brand as well as things like your target audience, marketing strategies, web presence, etc. Our experts will work with you to develop a custom tailored brand management solution that best fits your business’s needs. The process can be carried out via phone, video chat, email, or in person (Tampa & St. Petersburg Only).

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