Charleston Yacht Brand Identity


Charleston Yacht is the number one source for yacht care and management in Charleston, SC. For their logo, we wanted to provide something that embodied their target audience and company values. Charleston Yacht prides themselves on being a reputable and high-quality service provider for those than like to live a lavish lifestyle. To really capture the essence of the target audience we decided to use a Fleming 58 Yacht as the main focus of the logo. The sharp and sophisticated feel of the Palatino font also helps drive home the strong and classy feel that Charleston Yacht is known for.


Charleston Yacht needed an easy to access hub of information for their clients as well as an optimized sales funnel to help them gather leads. We not only provided that but also a beautifully designed layout and style that stays on-brand with the logo we designed for them. In addition to building the site, we also host and maintain it for them to make sure it’s running smoothly. You can view the website here.

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